Chileno Valley Newt Brigade

The Chileno Valley Newt Brigade is dedicated to saving newts that cross Chileno Valley Road in Marin County, California, as they head to their breeding grounds in Laguna Lake and back again to their hillside homes. Many newts are squashed by cars and trucks on this yearly migration. They are very slow and the traffic goes by without noticing them.

We save newts by picking them up off the road and carrying them to safety.  We also take their photo and collect some data for research, sending this to iNaturalist.

Newts can also be referred to as:
California newts, salamanders, pacific newts, Taricha torosa, and rough skinned newts.

Learn more about how the Chileno Valley Newt Brigade is helping this fragile species by reading out 2019-2020 Newt Activity Summary.

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